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The personalisation of email communications has allowed businesses like yours to move away from a ‘one size fits all’ email marketing strategy and instead focus on sending relevant and personalised content to their audience.

This targeted approach will ensure your customers only receive content and communications from your business that provide value – which helps to increase your lead to sales conversion rate.

And the best part?  Almost every element of the process can be automated, leaving you and your sales team free to concentrate on more productive tasks and relationship building. 

Ready to get started?  Then read on…

The personal touch…

Your customer’s inboxes are flooded on a daily basis with emails that often contain very little value or content that will help them to solve a particular issue, or provide a way in which to make their life a little bit easier.  It’s all too easy for a prospect or customer to hit the unsubscribe button if they don’t feel that your email is relevant to their needs. But by mastering how to offer personalised content that showcases products and services at the right time, you’ll have fewer unsubscribers and more customers who actively look forward to a new email from your company hitting their inbox.

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The first task on the path to increasing your lead to sales conversion rate is to take a look at the types of customers you deal with. To do this effectively, take a snapshot of your top 50 customers over the last two years and analyse the similarities (and differences) between them.

For example, an accounting business undertaking this customer analysis may find that the majority of their best customers fall into one of three categories: Software-based businesses, trade-based organisations and those in the retail industry.

Once you’ve defined the categories that apply to your customers, you need to add the industry type to your lead qualification process before filtering it into your sales process.  By taking the time at this stage to correctly identify your customer types, you’ll be in a key position to provide them with highly personalised email communications that convert.

Each of your newly defined industries will have its own specific challenges and issues – and the key to improving your sales conversion rate is to provide trusted, relevant and timely email communications that address and solve the problems they face.

By understanding these challenges and building the needs of each industry into a personal communications strategy, your company’s emails stand a better chance of capturing the attention of the recipient – and are far less likely to end up in the deleted folder without even being opened.

Give your customers what they want

Conveying the right message to the right audience and at the right time of the buying cycle might sound like a lot of manual labour, but by automating many of the time-intensive tasks, you can leave your campaigns to run based on the triggers and data you have already gathered at the lead qualification stage.

Automated, personalised email marketing gives your customers what they want. If your business is sending out the wrong message at the wrong time, your customer engagement levels will drop – and so will your sales conversions. Personalised marketing automation is a journey that takes place over the course of several timely emails that build trust, nurture your prospects and encourage them towards a conversion.

If you are ready to explore how to automate tailored content and deliver it directly to the inbox of your customers, then contact our Tribecto team who are here to lend a helping hand. 

We offer free growth audits with actionable insights from our team of automation experts designed to help you increase your lead to sales conversion rate.