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The Future Of Marketing Automation And AI With Magnus Unemyr from

Episode number 2 of The Automated Growth Podcast is a conversation that I recently had with Magnus Unemyr. Magnus is a marketing automation and AI consultant and author.

He has some interesting things to say about the future of marketing and how AI is going to play a big part in how we use software and tools moving forward.

We also cover what we as business owners can do now to get ahead of the curve by thinking about the systems we use and also leveraging new platforms that will allow us to do more in less time and make better decisions.

Email Marketing Best Practices With David Kelly, General Manager at

Company: KingSumo
Links: Davids personal blog
Podcast Recommendation: Noah Kagan Presents
Software Recommendation: Loom (for free video recording)

On the very first episode of The Automated Growth Podcast, I was joined by David Kelly of to discuss email marketing and automation uses cases at a 7 figure tech brand.

David gave some interesting insights on how to mange large email lists, failing to win and implementing winning strategies from other companies in the SUMO Group.

We also talked a lot about the pros and cons of re-engagement campaigns for contacts that have been on your list for a long period of time but have shown little to no engagement.

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