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Many business owners are using the enforced downtime during the coronavirus pandemic to focus on improving marketing, sales and business processes. In this post (which is an Automation Insiders Live Stream write up) we’ll outline the mostly free tools that we use here at Tribecto to deliver our content marketing strategy, the front end tools we use on our website, as well as the tools that we use for analysing the results.

We’ll also talk you through the process of creating and delivering our content to multiple channels.

If you’d prefer to watch the original live stream that this content is a write up of, heres the video…


The (Mostly) Free Marketing Tools We Use

WordPress for our website

WordPress is a fantastic tool for creating sophisticated and powerful websites – without the need for complicated coding. One third of all websites are driven by WordPress – it has a flexible eco-system of themes and plug-ins allowing you to create professional websites, blogs and eCommerce stores with ease.

Why is a good website important? It’s your shop window to the world and the place to capture new leads and prospects for your CRM, email system and sales funnel to allow you to build those all-important customer relationships.


Drift for our live chat

We’ve been using Drift as a free platform since it’s inception. The free version provides a handy Live Chat pop-up that can be plugged in to your WordPress website to offer another route for customer contact. 

We love Drift even more as it hooks up to your phone via their Drift app, so even if you are away from your desk, you can still connect with your website visitors and customers in real-time.


Calendly for our meeting scheduler

Another useful (and free) tool is Calendly. It’s an online appointment scheduling software that connects to your Gmail accounts and automatically books free slots in your diary for meetings with your customers. 

We find it saves so much time in going back and forth by email trying to find a suitable meeting date, allowing us to work smarter, not harder.

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Google Analytics for our web analytics

Of course, once you have your website and communication channels in place, it’s important to know which channels are working for you. We recommend installing Google Analytics to track your site if you haven’t already done so.

It’s completely free and allows you to create goals, monitor visitor numbers and behaviours, traffic sources, goals and sales funnels, then analyse them to make smarter and more intelligent data-driven decisions when placing your marketing budgets.


Google Search Console for organic traffic analysis

If you are looking for a way to make your website stand out in Google searches, then we totally recommend Google Search Console as a way to measure organic traffic as well for its ability to highlight any potential performance issues that could have a detrimental effect on your site.

It’s great for showing trends and highlighting which search queries your site ranks highly for. If the queries match your objective – then nice work! If they don’t, well you now have the tools to monitor it and put fixes in place.


SEMRush for keyword tracking

SEMRush provides a free platform to track your current keyword positions in organic search. It gives insightful data on up to 10 keywords (more if you chose the paid-for platform) to track your position ranking and to see if your most important keywords are performing for you.

It’s also a great way to gather competitor intelligence and discover new ideas for building your organic traffic.


Our Content Production Process

Of course, all these tools need to be supported by creative content that adds value to your customer journey. If you can nail your niche when it comes to content your customers will trust your expertise and keep coming back for more.

Your content strategy is not a quick win – think slow and steady wins the race. At Tribecto, we categorise our blog content for a granular approach that meets our audience’s specific area of interest. Our categories are:

By building a catalogue of useful content that covers all things related to these 4 topics we’re continuing to build assets for our business that we share and will increase our visibility and reach over time.


Creating A Multi Channel Content Process

To capture attention and engagement with our audience, we provide content in different media forms as we all like to learn in different ways. Our live videos are created using Streamyard, a super-easy to use live streaming service that works directly from your browser. Again, Streamyard has a free plan that you can check out if you’re interested in live streaming.

Here’s the process that we go through to create and publish content on multiple platforms:

  1. We use Streamyard to broadcast videos to our Automation Insiders Facebook group.
  2. After the live stream, it’s very easy for us to download the content
  3. We upload the live stream recording to our YouTube channel and optimise it with tags, descriptions and custom a thumbnail image.
  4. We share that video on my LinkedIn page for my network to see.
  5. We then complete the content cycle by adding an overview of the live stream to our blog with the original live stream video – just like the one you’re reading now.

With a little planning and organisation, this full process can be achieved in very little time and works really well for us.

To Conclude

By combining a powerful website that makes communication easy for your prospects with an intelligent suite of analytics, you can keep your sales funnel topped up with leads and opportunities. 

Your content strategy will cement the relationship with prospects, allowing you to add value and nurture leads into loyal, regular customers.  

If you’re looking to see success with marketing automation strategy, get in touch with us today or why not give our Live Chat a try and see just how it works?